Long Term Archer Development

ANB has a Provincial Coach who conducts clinics in various locations around the province that are held for athletes and their coaches who wish to advance their training and skills. The Provincial Coach is also responsible for the training camps for the Canada Winter Games team selection, and also the training once the team is selected. All clubs are notified via email through their Club president and Club ANB director when a clinic is being offered. For further information, the contact information can be found on the website.


Archers Association of New Brunswick (ANB) has developed a plan to implement Archery Canada’s Long Term Archer Development (LTAD) model in New Brunswick. Along with implementing the model we also designed a program to educate our coaches. That program is the ANB Long Term Archer Development (ANB LTAD). Click here to view the Archery Canada Long Term Archer Development program.


The following are the steps ANB followed to implement the ANB LTAD Program

  • Step 1: Create a team to implement the program. The team consists of the LTAD Coordinator, Provincial Coach, and Equipment Technician.
  • Step 2: Present to ANB LTAD program to ANB Board of Directors and receive approval.
  • Step 3: Implement the goals.


The following are goals of the ANB LTAD program and how the goals are implemented.

  • Goal 1: Educate the Archery Community on Archery Canada’s LTAD Model
    • Introduce Archery Canada’s LTAD model to the Board of Directors and provide copies of the model to members.
    • Hold ANB LTAD coaching clinic to educate coaches and archers on LTAD Model in different parts of the province. Held specific LTAD clinics to educate coaches on the finer points of the Archery Canada’s LTAD model. The clinic was open to all members of ANB.
  • Goal 2: Pass Down Coaching Techniques From National Level To Club Level Coaches
    • ANB LTAD clinics
    • An ANB LTAD Clinic is a coaching clinic where coaches are taught coaching techniques learned from national level coaches. These techniques are taught on the coaches’ current archers, benefiting both coach and archer. Coaches are also taught about equipment and equipment maintenance by the Equipment Technician.
    • Support Coaches in professional development opportunities through coach education and mentorship.
    • Workshops that ANB coaches have attended:
    • Renaissance Canada 2009 and 2010 (Archery)
    • CS4L LTAD Workshop (General)
    • PetroCan Leadership Conference (General)
  • Goal 3: Develop Archers in all Stages of Archery Canada’s LTAD Model.
    • ANB LTAD coaching clinics for all coaches and archers.
    • Specialized clinics, such as Training Plan Clinic and Bow Tuning clinics.
    • Publicize LTAD Clinics to ANB with help of clubs.
    • Work with individual archers and coaches to guide archers their next LTAD Stage
  • Goal 4: Teach archers all the elements that make a well-rounded archer (Technical, Mental, Food Maintenance, and Physical Conditioning).
    • These elements are taught to archers through ANB LTAD Clinics.

The Future of LTAD in New Brunswick

  1. Provide regular updates to ANB archery community on Archery Canada LTAD Model
  2. Encourage coaches to be involved in ANB LTAD clinics
  3. Update ANB Website with LTAD information
  4. Assist coaches in identifying the LTAD stage their archers are in.